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Modern airflight?

I've just acquired a matching set of Samsonite Silhouette luggage, circa 1960 it appears, in gorgeous condition, and I have a few questions.

Do you think it would hold up to being used as checked luggage, considering modern airflight? I would love to take it with me on my next trip, but I'm terribly afraid of breaking the things so soon after finding them for surprisingly cheap!

If so, how would you suggest including the keys so that they wouldn't break the locks trying to search them? And speaking of keys, does anyone know if Samsonite still has keys for this model? I've heard a rumor you can call them and they'll ship you a pair of keys for $4.00 US.

American Tourister Ad

I came across this one a few minutes ago, and it's new to me. Ads seemed more glamorous then, in my opinion.


Cleaning Scuffs

Okay!  I finally figured out how to clean the nasty scuffs off of my white American Tourister luggage!

After hours of trying all kinds of spray cleaners and brushes etc I came across the perfect fix! 

I took Comet with bleach scouring powder and a green scrubbing pad.  Rather than dilute the powder with water I poured it in a small bowl.  I dampened the scrub pad and dipped it in the powder.  With light circular motions I scrubbed the luggage. 


Clean WHITE luggage and no scuffs.

Now, to protect the new look I wiped the luggage with turtle wax.

Now on to the relining experiment.

Texon Luggage

I recently found this neat 4 piece luggage set on Ebay and had to have it!  It is made by a company called Texon.  It has a Samsonite feel but a little cheaper construction.  This set has never been used.  It has all 4 keys and the removable vinyl coating over the metal hardware(the "pink" in the pictures near the handles.)  The tags are still on them!

Dec. 9th, 2007

DSCN0012.jpg picture by thepsychedelicpurse
We bought this big red trunk a few weeks back actually. It was locked tight and had no key. It was only 10 bucks!
When we got it home the husband and I pryed the darn thing open to find a TON of vintage sewing and knitting stuff!
It was such a treasure find! We're going to make a frame with legs to sit it on and use it as a coffee table.
(I'm going to store my huge vintage magazine collection inside it.)


Steamer Trunk

I just uploaded some pictures of the new steamer trunk I got for my birthday.


Anyone know where I can get new trunk paper?

Question about colors...

I was wondering if anyone knows how to(if possible) change the color of a piece of luggage.  I just bought an unused set of Amelia Earhart luggage and also have my eye on a "matching" hat box.  The hat box is a different color but from the same collection.  fabookimi told me once about shoe paint but I'm worried about it chipping off.  Is this a concern?  Any other ways to change the color?


Samsonite Silhouette Ad ~ 1960

Great image of the Silhouette hatbox case!

Samsonite Silhouette Ad ~ 1967

Here is an ad with a nice image of the set-in locks with a monogram.  I have a Fashionaire carry-on with the same type of monogram on the lock.